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Matty Bannond

30 Nov 2023 11:03 AM | Matty Bannond

 Here’s my top ten albums that I reviewed in 2023, in alphabetical order…

- “Contrast of Opposites” by Galumphing Duo (AMP Records).
- “Conversation #8 Ablaze” by Florian Arbenz (Hammer).
- “Estrellero” by Leo Genovese, Demian Cabaud and Marcos Cavaleiro  (Sunnyside).
- “fractus” by fractus (Independent).
- “Incantation” by Emma Rawicz (Independent).
- “Neon” by Arina Fujiwara (Independent).
- “Shimmer Wince” by Anna Webber (Intakt Records).
- “Spam Likely” by Jessica Pavone (577 Records).
- “The Engine” by The Green Mean Machine (Independent).
- “The Last Quiet Place” by Ingrid Laubrock (Pyroclastic).
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