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David Basse


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Kansas City
I am a jazz
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commentator, drummer, and vocalist
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I am the author/producer of
Jazz with David Basse, Jazz Scene on KPR
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I am also the author/ producer of:
Editor - JAM Magazine
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My interests in jazz are:
The history that is unique to jazz. The way that jazz people view the world and translate that unique view into music.
More about what I do:
I became a professional musician in 1969. I was 14-years-old. I came to jazz 5 years later, when I landed in Kansas City, following 2 years of rough and tumble touring. I began making radio around the turn of the century. On Jazz with David Basse, I have created thousands of hours of jazz, a long-form-continuing-history of the music.
I support the JJA because
At 56-years-old, I realized that jazz really was a hard life, as folks had always told me. I enrolled in college and graduated in 2018 with a degree in Communications and a minor in writing. Now,I play the gigs I choose to play, and I write and create radio 7 days a week. I feel this organization is my new found home.
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