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J Hunter


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Clifton Park
I am a jazz
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I am the author/producer of
Jazz2K @ The Saint
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My interests in jazz are:
promoting jazz made in the 21st century. The only way we grow this genre is if we take it out of the repertory direction that many jazz musicians (and jazz writers, come to that) insist is the only proper course of action. That's locking the genre in a room with relics of days gone by. We should learn and respect the past, but we should never be enslaved to it.
More about what I do:
Currently my words appear on Nippertown, a growing arts & culture site for the Capitol Region of Albany, NY; I've also written for All About Jazz and the alternative music site State of Mind. In my previous professional life, I played (and helped program) jazz for KSJS/San Jose, an award-winning Bay Area public radio station, and I currently host "Jazz2K", a weekly examination of today's jazz, heard Saturday nights from Midnight - 2am ET on 88.3 WVCR/Albany, NY
I support the JJA because
If we don't get the word out, who will?
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