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Mark Lomanno


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Coral Gables
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Educator, Ethnomusicologist, and Musician
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I am the author/producer of
The Improviser's Classroom: Pedagogies for Cocreative Worldmaking
I am also the author/ producer of:
Celebrate Brooklyn II (96K Music, with Kike Perdomo)
Other key Publications/Productions
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My interests in jazz are:
Wide-ranging. I listen to and write about all forms of jazz around the world, but especially: improvised and creative music, Black American Music, world jazz, and Afro-Latin jazz. I'm also interested in jazz education, interdisciplinary studies, social advocacy, and community-building.
More about what I do:
Rhythm of Study is an online platform for in-depth engagement with current Black American music, jazz & improvisatory practices, and the Afrodiasporic communities and traditions from which they're emerged. The platform features perspectives from the arts/music industry, academia, and activism. The site is as run as public scholarship and service, built in the spirit of reciprocity and mutual care. Those interested in contributing to this mission are encouraged to contact me.
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