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Member Lists-- subscribe, unsubscribe, update


Please note that email subscriptions to JJA News are administered completely separately from Member accounts. 
  •  To unsubscribe from JJA News, click on the link in the next email you receive from that list.
  •  To subscribe to JJA Newvia email, RSS or Twitter,  do so on the site.
IF YOU WANT TO BE REMOVED FROM  JJA MEMBER LISTS ENTIRELY, PLEASE WRITE US AT admin@jazzjournalists.org   If you ALSO wish to "unsubscribe" from  JJA News, our online publication, please do so as described above.


  • You are responsible for providing the JJA with an up-to-date email address. This is the only way we can contact you regarding renewals, send you important organizational news, etc.  To update your email address, you must log in and edit your Member Profile. 
  • If you wish, you can "unsubscribe" to mailings of general Member announcements by using the link inside your profile.  However,  if you wish to continue as a active JJA Member, we urge you not to do this as you may miss important organizational news. (You will continue to receive administrative mail concerning your individual membership status.)
  • As a JJA Member, you are NOT automatically subscribed to JJA News (the online publication that has replaced Jazz Notes, the JJA's long-time print publication). This is because there are various options for receiving JJA News-- via email, RSS or Twitter.   To subscribe in any of these three ways,  go to JJA News and choose whichever option you prefer.  We strongly suggest you do so: JJA News is a good source of information about working as a jazz journalist and the jazz world in general, as well as being the most frequently updated source of news about JJA activities and your fellow JJA members.

Not getting email from the JJA?

If you have not received any email from the JJA for several months,  try LOGGING IN to your member account.
If you can't, your Membership may have been SUSPENDED because of
  • Repeated BOUNCED EMAILS.  If emails sent to the email address we have for you bounce repeatedly, we we must suspend your membership because your member account, and all administrative functions, are tied to this address. YOU MUST KEEP THE EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR RECORD UP TO DATE.  This is a condition of membership. Write admin@jazzjournalists.org and include a current address to reinstate your membership.
  • SPAM FILTERS -- see below.  
NOTE TO BOXBE USERS:  We cannot respond to Boxbe "guest list" messages. Dealing with messages from  this "service" is extremely time consuming for us: If two messages sent to you from any of our email addresses bounces back to us via Boxbe, your record will be frozen and you will not be able to use your member account, or make use of any member services, until you notify us that you have removed or reconfigured Boxbe.


If you have spam filters installed, you must configure them to allow receipt of email from BOTH
 from addresses  @jazzjournalists.org

If you have not reset your spam filters to accept mail from the addresses above, we will be unable to reach you at all.

PLEASE NOTE: We can't respond to spam filters that require individual validation via form.  If you don't reconfigure your filters to accept the addresses above YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY FURTHER EMAILS FROM THE JJA and YOUR MEMBERSHIP MAY BE SUSPENDED.  We must be able to reach you by email-- this is a condition of membership.  Write admin@jazzjournalists.org explaining that you have reconfigured your spam filters to reinstate your membership.


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