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LOG IN TO YOUR JJA ACCOUNT: Once you are logged in, the login box at the top of the page will disappear and you'll see your name and two links VIEW PROFILE and CHANGE PASSWORD

Start by  clicking on the link VIEW PROFILE; you will be taken to the "My Profile page.
  • Once you are on the "My Profile" page, click on the "Edit Profile" BUTTON that appears right under the words "My Profile"
  • The page now shows all the categories of profile information that you can edit or add to. (in the next section, we will explain how to choose which of these categories are visible to other JJA members and which are visible in the JJA's public directory. Again,while you are editing this page you see all available categories. )
  •  Fill in all the information about you and your work that you would like to appear in EITHER the public directory OR the directory only your fellow JJA members will see. (you can choose exactly what information appears in both directories in your privacy settings.)  
  • You can add or edit the information in your profile as you wish. Any changes you make will automatically be reflected in the JJA's administrative records. 
  •  Certain categories must  be filled in.  Enter "NA" in  "State/Province,"  "Zip/Postal Code"or any other required fields if they do not apply to you. 
  • "Member Since": We know the "Member Since" dates are, in most cases, NOT accurate. The JJA's "historical" records are too incomplete to allow us to determine actual "join" dates, especially if you are a long-time member. The date entered in your record is simply one that makes it possible for the system to notify you of future renewal dates.

A couple of notes on what you should (and shouldn't) add to your JJA profile:

  • Email address: Your member directory listings will include a special "Send Message" button that can be used to contact you without revealing your email address. You MUST provide us with your current email address for administrative purposes, but you don't need to make this address public if you don't want to (the default privacy settings make your email address invisible to the public but visible to your fellow "members so they can contact you offline; change these settings however you wish.) 
Please note: If we do not have a working email address for you, and emails sent to you bounce, your Membership will be suspended until you provide us with a working email address. 

  • Phone number/physical address Most address fields are required for administrative purposes, but  city and country are the only fields that are visible to the public by default; we encourage you to let  your fellow members see your phone number and complete address; that  will make it easier for them to contact you about projects or events you might be interested in. You might also want to make more of this information public if you are trying to attract local employers.

  • Photo/avatar:  We strongly encourage you to include an identifying image in your profile: this might be a photo of yourself (closeup "head shots" work best) OR an "avatar" or "icon" that gives some indication of the kind of work you do.  It's pretty easy to upload images, and the site will automatically resize them where possible, but your image will display best if it was small and square to start with. If digital photo editing is a mystery to you, consider asking a web-savvy friend or colleague to help you create a high quality image. (Once you've created your  i.d. photo/avatar/icon you'll find many other uses for it online.)

  • Information about your websites, blogs, publications and other work: Think about how you can use your public JJA profile to best promote your career.  Keep your profile current, and include links to your most recent work when it becomes available online.  It's probably best, though, not to include your whole resume or cv in your profile-- if you have a LOT of work you want the world to know about, just provide a few samples here, and  link to a personal website where you can provide a more complete survey of everything you've done.

  • LINKS:  Any URLs you include in your profile --in the website/blog categories or in any other text field--  will automatically be turned into "clickable" links. But for this to happen, you must enter the entire URL including the "http://"  Log out and test your links by viewing your directory listing; don't just assume that they will work.

  • Photo Albums  You can upload photos or other images to be viewed as "albums" in your profile. Unfortunately,  it's not possible to caption the photos in these albums. But this may still be a useful way to give potential clients a glimpse of your photography or other graphic work.

  • (Very) Personal Information  Your JJA profile is probably NOT the best place to post the kind of personal information --about your relationship status, etc.--that you might include in a Facebook or other social networking profile.  Be professional.

Remember, it's up to you to keep your profile up-to-date and to control your privacy settings so that only the information you choose is made public in JJA Directories.

How to Change your Privacy Settings
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