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You can decide which categories of information about you will be visible to JJA Members  and/or  the general public in the JJA Member Directories.
It takes several steps and it's a bit confusing to find the page where you can adjust your privacy settings, but easy to do so once you get there. (Sorry, but we didn't set this up!*)
Here's how:
  •  If you aren't already logged in to your JJA account, login  and then click the "View Profile" link that appears at the top right of the page. (this link does not appear before you have logged in.)
  •  This will take you to the "My Profile" page. Once you are there, click on the "Privacy" link that appears in the first section of the main page, under the "Edit Profile" button.
  • This will take you to a page that shows your current privacy settings-- but you can't  EDIT them on THIS page, to do so, you must  click on the "Edit Profile" button that appears ON the PRIVACY page.
  • OK! Now you are on the page where you can CHANGE your privacy settings, and it should be pretty evident how to do so....

For each category of profile information shown in the far left column,  click on the appropriate column:
  • If you click on "Anybody" (blue globe icon), anybody --that's right-- who comes to the website will be able to see this information. It will be shown in BOTH the Public Directory AND the Members Directory.
  • If you click on "Members" (little people icon) other JJA Members will be able to see this information in your profile in the Members Directory. But it will not be shown in the Public Directory.
  • If you click on "No Access" (red X)  only authorized JJA administrators will be able to view this information. It will also be visible to you when you login and view your own "My Profile" page.  It will not be visible in either the Public or Members Directory.

Be sure the "Allow to Show Profile" box at the top of the profile edit page is CHECKED if you want your profile to appear in the directory. Uncheck this box only if you do not want your name or any other information about you to appear in the directory.


It's also a bit confusing to figure out how to check that your privacy settings are the way you want them. This is because when you are logged in to your account, you will see everything that is in your profile.
  •   Some of this information--such as  "Membership Details"-- is never visible to anyone except you and authorized JJA administrators. 

  • To see how your profile currently appears to OTHER MEMBERS who are logged in to the site, click on the link "My Directory Profile" that appears in the first line under the heading "My Profile" (to do this, you must be logged in and have navigated to the "My Profile" page-- see above)
  • To see how your profile currently appears to THE PUBLIC (that is, visitors to the site who are not logged in as JJA Members), log out of your member account. Then click on "JJA Member Directory" in the left-hand sidebar menu; find and click on your name.
Edit your profile

*We apologize if this all seems unduly complicated-- this online system was designed by a company that specializes in association member management and we think it offers the best blend of flexibility and security available to the JJA. Let us know if you have suggestions for how we can improve our instructions --or the system itself.
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