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Payment options & instructions

Renewal Procedure

You must be logged in to your member profile in order to renew your membership or reactivate a lapsed membership. 
If you were an active JJA Member at some time in the past and you wish to re-activate your membership but are unable to log in, write admin@jazzjournalists.org. Please do NOT complete a new member application.
  •  Log in with your email and password in the box above. If you can't remember your password, click "forgot password."  LOGIN INFO
  • After you are logged in, click the "View Profile" link that appears in the log in area. (this link is not visible until you are logged in.)
  • Once you are on the "My Profile" page,  click the "RENEW" button halfway down the page and follow instructions.  PAYMENT OPTIONS
  • Your membership is "Lapsed" if you see that word next to your name after log in. See note for details.  If you are a "Lapsed" member you will also see a "RENEW" button to reactivate your membership. PAYMENT OPTIONS
  •  If you are  a JJA member, or have been one in the past, please do NOT use the "Join" buttons at left or file a new online membership application in order to renew. This will create a new record that will conflict with your existing record. 
  • If you can't login in to your profile, if the "Renew" button does not appear in your profile,  or if  you can't complete the renewal following the online instructions, please contact  admin@jazzjournalists.org.
Note for Lapsed Members: If your membership is marked "lapsed," you did not renew your membership when due and more than 5 days have passed since the due date. You should be able to  log in, but  until you "Renew" your membership by paying one year's dues, your profile will not appear in JJA Member Directories, you will not be eligible for member benefits, and, if you are a professional journalist member, you will be unable to nominate or vote in the annual JJA Jazz Awards.  If you are a lapsed or former member and cannot log in to your account,  write admin@jazzjournalists.org  for instructions on how to pay your dues and reactivate your membership account. Please do NOT fill out a new membership application.

 Payment Options & Instructions

Payments for memberships and renewals can be made by credit card OR your PayPal account. 
(Sorry, but the JJA no longer accepts checks for individual memberships or renewals.(see below) If you wish to be invoiced  for a group or corporate Industry Associate/Supporter membership, please write admin@jazzjournalists.org)

PayPal is the JJA's processing agent for both credit card and PayPal payments; once you have completed the initial steps in applying for or renewing membership, you will be taken to PayPal's secure site to make your payment. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to do this-- you will be asked whether or not you have a PayPal account in the first payment step. (If you DO have a PayPal account and want to use a credit card already linked to this account to pay JJA dues, you should choose the PayPal option in the first step.)
Be sure to complete ALL the steps in the PayPal process (you will be asked to provide your address and some other contact information if you are paying by credit card)  You aren't done until you click "Submit" at the end of the process.  

You will receive two emails --one from the JJA and one from PayPal-- verifying that your payment has been received and your renewal completed. If you do not receive these emails within a few hours (or a day if you are outside the U.S.), it means that the renewal process was not completed, and no payment was charged to your account.  If this happens, log back in to your JJA Member Profile; if  it  says "Renewal Pending," or a "Cancel" button appears, please CANCEL your renewal  and start the process again.   Write admin@jazzjournalists.org if you have questions.
*All JJA individual membership related applications and payments must now be done online at this site, we ask for your cooperation and understanding. Please write admin@jazzjournalists.org if you need help with completing online processes or if you experience problems with the online system. 
The JJA no longer accepts any checks in payment of individual dues. Check payments have been increasingly subject to loss during delivery. What's more,  in order to keep dues low and affordable to more members, basic JJA accounting and membership recordkeeping functions are  now handled automatically by our online site;  the JJA has no physical office or office staff and does not have any capacity to manually collect, deposit, record, and acknowledge checks  or applications submitted offline. So, sorry, but: Checks sent  for new or renewal memberships will not be accepted and will be returned to sender. The same goes for applications or renewals submitted via letter or old paper forms.

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